HedonSalon: Sexy Gatherings for Soulful People!

HEDONSALON: Sexy Gatherings for Soulful People

WELCOME! It's likely that you've been invited to our lovely gathering (either by flyer, eMail or word of mouth) and are looking into what this is all about. Please take a look around and if you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us.


Saturday night, May 3rd, 2014

HedonSalon makes its triumphant return with a theme that will knock yer boots off!



True to all of our gatherings, we always rock a literary theme. Weird West is the American corresponding genre to the English Victorian Steampunk. “Weird West” is defined as the western genre (cowboys, cowgirls, gunfighters, NDNz, bandeleros, desperados, outlaws, marshals, rangers, ranchers, stagecoach drivers, Calvary, etc) combined with any other genre, usually Science Fiction, Fantasy or Horror (zombies, elves, superheroes, aliens, androids, vampires, cephalopods, etc). The possibilities are vast!
Steampunk, Goth, lingerie and fetishwear will be most welcome (Everyone is part of the show. No streetclothes please!). Of course, its easy enough to dress in your country best and you’d fit right in!
These chaps got it goin' on!

These chaps got it goin’ on!

Gracing our Saloon that evening:
-DJ 4th Way wrangling up the rhythm for the night.
-MsCrystal and LadyRaven ravishing us with their dancing delights!
-Lili von Shtupp, the “Teutonic Titwillow” herself performing her famous BlazingSaddles burlesque number “I’m TIRED!” with live musical accompaniment by Jimbo and Jeff!
-the sultry SAGE tearing it up with her sexy dance stylings
-Your co-host, Senor SENSEI, throwing a little literary lift to the affair.
-And MORE!

We’ll have plenty of vittles to snack on along with lots of fine, hospitable folks providing massage, eye-candy and fun. Plenty of clean, cozy space to play. Cowgirls: Come ride the Sybian bronco! It will be a saddle you ain’t likely to forget! 

More info to come!                                                                                                    Some volunteer positions still available.
RSVP’s required.
Contact/RSVP at


The Joyful News!

ImageIt has been a while, hasn’t it? We received a few messages of curiosity (“What’s going on?”) and some of concern (“Are you all alright?”) as well as constructive feedback on how we can continue. There have been challenges and changes in our lives that required our attention (not least of all getting through that nasty flu that knocked down a number of the hosts and volunteers).The great news is that we are resuming HedonSalon! A few things will have changed, but the essence remains: Sexy Gatherings for Soulful People. Just so you know, we are looking for an April date for our next big gathering and a March date to resume the Open Relationship Munch and Meet. Sorry for the absence and thank you all for hanging in there with us! 


Our GOTHIQUE party was GREAT FUN! It was wonderful having so many friendly and sexy guests. Our volunteers were very good and the presentations were entertaining and mind-expanding! DJ 4thWay was a major highlight to the party! 

We feel so much gratitude for all the wonderful friends we’ve made over these years of co-hosting this party. If anything has made this worthwhile, its got to be that. That said, we are sorry to say that we aren’t sure we are going to be able to continue hosting these events. We aren’t in this for money. We always try to come up with alternatives for people who are on budgets and try to keep things affordable as it is. The donations all go to our overhead costs and we keep things just around breaking even for most of our events. However, our last few events actually came short of breaking even. This has put us in the state of re-evaluating the future of HedonSalon. It is for this reason we are appealing to you, our guests and volunteers, for helpful suggestions and feedback on this matter. Is our chosen site ok? Do you know of any other options?

If you have reflections, ideas or constructive criticism, we welcome your input. Please eMail us at hedonsalon@gmail.com

November 2nd, MMXIII A.D.



a Dark Cabaret!

Halloween, Dia de los Muertos, All Souls, All Saints, Harvest, Goth, CyberGoth, Steampunk, the Undead, Lycanthropes, ShapeShifters, Fae, Djinn, Demon, Duende, Angel, Industrial, Punk, NewRomantic, DeathMetal, Dark Fetish, Carnal Kink… and, of course, our SexyFantasyWishFulfillment for our birthday guests (sunsigns: Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius)

For this sexy sojourn into the realms of gloom, doom and despair, we have…


-the crafty culinary concoctions of sensuous, sinful SYN

-the delightful ladies of ROGUE performing mega-sexy burlesque dance.

-DJ 4thWay laying down the soundtrack to the evenings epic escapades

-an intensely vampiric kink demonstration by Lord Dimitri 


AND we are delighted to announce our new co-host, the beautiful creatrix CRYSTAL!

Accessible and discreet location; Abundant safe parking; BYO bar/boozecheck; (Hitachi) Magic Wands; soaring rides upon the Sybian witches broom; Kinky toys and tools: Lots of clean, cozy space (over 1000 sq.ft. w/beds, comfy furnishings, spacious group shower and a hot tub) and the sexiest bunch of party-players you’re ever likely to encounter anywhere!



Each HedonSalon features a portion of the evening where any guest born under the zodiac sun signs of the particular time of year (in this case, LIBRA, SCORPIO and SAGITTARIUS) may have the opportunity to express a birthday wish or fantasy. The rest of us shall co-conspire to GRANT YOU YOUR WISH! (and granting these sexy wishes can be just as fun as receiving them…)

(-for more info, look at the “About” tab)


For every HedonSalon we do, we seek literary/cultural themes. This year for this season we embrace the Shadow and take a both gloomy and gleeful walk on the dark side with GOTHIQUE. To be clear upfront: We do encourage costumes in the Goth theme, but we are also entirely accepting of any Halloween or Dia de los Muertos costume. Also remember: Fetish gear, lingerie, formal wear or nudity are always acceptable at any HedonSalon regardless of theme. Just know that YOU are part of the show!


The term Gothic was originally the name of the northern European tribes that played a major role in bringing down the Roman Empire. Thereafter, it characterized the design and architecture of the region during the subsequent Medieval period. The term re-surfaces in the Victorian age as the name of the predominant literary movement. Then, like the undead refusing to die, it comes to inspire an influential scene in music, fashion and cinema in our own age.

“The goth subculture is a contemporary subculture found in many countries. Beginning in late-1970s England, it incubated the early (proto-)goth rock scene (i.e. before a cohesive genre was readily distinguishable from the prevailing post-punk). The goth subculture has survived much longer than others of the same era, and has continued to diversify. Its imagery and cultural proclivities indicate influences from the 19th century Gothic literature along with horror films and to some extent BDSM culture… The music of the goth subculture encompasses a number of different styles, including gothic rock, deathrock, post-punk, dark wave, dark ambient, ethereal wave, industrial music and neoclassical dark wave, with contemporary links to the heavy metal subculture. Styles of dress within the subculture range from deathrock, punk and Victorian styles, or combinations thereof, most often with dark attire, make-up and hair.” (Wikipedia)


CYBERGOTH is a hybrid of Industrial/ElectronicDanceMusic and Goth. Updating the darkness with accents of latex, LED’s, glowcolor extensions and post-apocalyptic gasmasks and goggles, I’ve always thought the style looked somewhat anime/manga-ish. Way cool!Rainbow_Cyber_Goth_by_x_xLithiumx_x

steampunk_cosplay_01Steampunk (and its related genres of DieselPunk and WierdWest) isn’t far removed from Gothic at all. The joke has always been that SteamPunk is simply when Goths discover the color BROWN. (laugh and applause).

Classifiably the UNDEAD are vampires, zombies, mummies, ghouls, ghosts and related stubborn souls that just won’t stay dead. The season is given to abandoning the grave!sexy-goth-girl

Likewise, other SUPERNATURAL CREATURES are most welcome in our realm!



DEATH METAL and BLACK METAL are the extreme and evocative sounds from the edge of mortality. As such, the costume and theatrical elements of these genres are given to delightful extremes. Most notable is the practice of CORPSE PAINT makeup. Morose, dramatic and actually plenty of fun!


SENSEI says:

I will confess that I’ve spent many nights in the clove-scented darkness of Goth clubs as well as many a dollar on Goth music. I might not be as extreme as I was back in my art school days (when I was a member of a performance poetry group called Le Fluer du Mal) but I still tend to dress in dark colors (Black will always be the new black) and maintain a morbid eccentric demeanor. While Gothic style may appear morose and depressing from outside the scene, it is actually delightful.

Embracing one own Shadow and allowing it to manifest in dance, music, fashion, art and writing is oddly uplifting. Wrought with melodrama and irony, it is also not without humor. The awareness of death and Shadow in ones own existence gives way to a beautiful and empowering self-acceptance. There is an unexpected elegance and distinct sense of joy that results from indulging in these Gothic sensibilities.

That… and its simply sexy as fuck! ((^_^))


Looking forward to seeing you all at your sexy best!

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-Your hosts: Syn, SENSEI and Crystal.

RSVP required: hedonsalon@gmail.com


Hey HedonSaloneers! 

BUSY summer and now clearing the way for our next big Salon! We are squaring up the Halloween/DiaDeLosMuertos/AllSoulsDay with GOTHIQUE. Dark cabaret (Burlesque), erotic poetry and sexy storytelling, DJ 4thWay weaving the soundtrack to the evenings late festivities. We are also super happy that beautiful creatrix Crystal is joining us as our co-host! MARK YOUR CALENDAR! Nov. 2nd, 2013 

ALSO, we are resuming the monthly meet and munch.  We’re looking for sometime during  Indigenous Peoples Day weekend (aka “Columbus Day”). Take a look at the tab for Meet & Greet Munches and send a message if interested in attending. We are trying to figure out a date and place as many of us can possibly attend together.



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