HedonSalon: Sexy Gatherings for Soulful People!

HEDONSALON: Sexy Gatherings for Soulful People

WELCOME! It's likely that you've been invited to our lovely gathering (either by flyer, eMail or word of mouth) and are looking into what this is all about. Please take a look around and if you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us.


Nov. 1st: DIA DE LOS MUERTOS! -and SENSEI’s birthday munch (Oct. 3rd)

Just a quick note to mark your calendars… Since our last fantastic gathering (people are STILL talking about it!) we’ve been to this festival and that festival and have finally landed at the onset of harvest season. This being the case, we have two more gatherings planned. The first is a more “low-key” gathering of friends for a Meet & Greet Munch which will celebrate SENSEI’s birthday (pending RSVP’s). Take a look at our “Meet & Greet Munches” tab for info and get back to us if you think you can come) -Then, we will go full-steam ahead into our Halloween/Harvest HedonSalon DIA DE LOS MUERTOS (Day of the Dead). Already have a few wonderful and talented presenters, but there’s time for more. Also seeking volunteers from our already-known friends. Keep checking back. More info to come!

Sexy SugarSkullz

Sexy SugarSkullz

Saturday night, May 3rd, 2014

HedonSalon makes its triumphant return with a theme that will knock yer boots off!



True to all of our gatherings, we always rock a literary theme. Weird West is the American corresponding genre to the English Victorian Steampunk. “Weird West” is defined as the western genre (cowboys, cowgirls, gunfighters, NDNz, bandeleros, desperados, outlaws, marshals, rangers, ranchers, stagecoach drivers, Calvary, etc) combined with any other genre, usually Science Fiction, Fantasy or Horror (zombies, elves, superheroes, aliens, androids, vampires, cephalopods, etc). The possibilities are vast!

Cowboys and Aliens

Weird West is our theme, but don’t let that limit you! Steampunk, Goth, lingerie and fetishwear will be most welcome (Everyone is part of the show. No streetclothes please!). Of course, its easy enough to dress in your country best and you’d fit right in!
(for some fantastic ideas on costumes, take a peek at this Pinterest link… http://www.pinterest.com/whispersiren/wild-weird-west-ideas/)


Like each of our parties, we focus on the Salon; that most enjoyable format of gatherings that literally revolutionized society and culture. But our own ongoing version of the Salon features a titillating, tantalizing twist: Ours is an expression and exploration of pleasure, which has proven to be the most enduring, driving. and pleasing motivation in human consciousness. Usually based on works or movements in literature, our Salons are an opportunity to share an adventure with others of creative and open propensities and to experience joy within the context of play (-just because we’ve “grown up” doesn’t mean we can’t have fun!)

These chaps got it goin' on!

These chaps got it goin’ on!

Gracing our Saloon that evening:
-DJ 4th Way wrangling up the rhythm for the night.
-MsCrystal and LadyRaven ravishing us with their dancing delights!
-Lili von Shtupp, the “Teutonic Titwillow” herself performing her famous BlazingSaddles burlesque number “I’m TIRED!” with live musical accompaniment by Jimbo and Jeff!
-the musical mastery of our pretty songstress Karina
-Your co-host, Senor SENSEI, throwing a little literary lift to the affair.
-And MORE!

We’ll have plenty of vittles to snack on along with lots of fine, hospitable folks providing massage, eye-candy and fun. Plenty of clean, cozy space to play. Cowgirls: Come ride the Sybian bronco! It will be a saddle you ain’t likely to forget! 

SINGLE MEN: We have been flush with women at our gatherings. This is the kind of problem most can only WISH they had! But for us, we do mean to keep gender balance, so, for the first time we are admitting single men ONLY if they have someone who is invited vouch for them. If you know someone we know, get them on board to vouch for you. There will be a few the hosts will screen to get in, but that number will be very limited.


Due to the discreet nature of HedonSalon, we do not reveal the exact location of our events until we have an RSVP and confirmation from our prospective guests (-and they are subject to change from one event to another) -However, we will tell you that it will be in Middletown, California, United States of America; a location not far from the quaint town of Calistoga and very close to those fabulous hot springs.

If you are in want of your own lodging for the evening, let us know, as there are several options, including discounted rates and limited free space for our guests from out of town.


-The day after HedonSalon many of us will (as usual) have brunch together and enjoy a refeshing soak at the nearby hot springs retreat spot, which will have its own festivities scheduled that very weekend. You can even join SENSEI (who is an actual poet laureate of local renown!) for his weekly writers workshop in the early evening at the retreats comfy lounge.

Casinos, clubs, dining, wine tasting and tours nearby; the forests and lakes of Lake County make for excellent hiking and outdoor activities. We are nearby neighbors to Sonoma, Napa and Mendocino Counties, with the ocean coast being a pleasant drive away. Many of our repeat guests enjoy driving up casually through the Napa wine valley. Rideshares are available and encouraged!

So, will you be joining us for the festivities? Do let us know! RSVP is required.

More info to come!  Some volunteer positions still available.
Contact/RSVP at


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The Joyful News!

ImageIt has been a while, hasn’t it? We received a few messages of curiosity (“What’s going on?”) and some of concern (“Are you all alright?”) as well as constructive feedback on how we can continue. There have been challenges and changes in our lives that required our attention (not least of all getting through that nasty flu that knocked down a number of the hosts and volunteers).The great news is that we are resuming HedonSalon! A few things will have changed, but the essence remains: Sexy Gatherings for Soulful People. Just so you know, we are looking for an April date for our next big gathering and a March date to resume the Open Relationship Munch and Meet. Sorry for the absence and thank you all for hanging in there with us! 


Our GOTHIQUE party was GREAT FUN! It was wonderful having so many friendly and sexy guests. Our volunteers were very good and the presentations were entertaining and mind-expanding! DJ 4thWay was a major highlight to the party! 

We feel so much gratitude for all the wonderful friends we’ve made over these years of co-hosting this party. If anything has made this worthwhile, its got to be that. That said, we are sorry to say that we aren’t sure we are going to be able to continue hosting these events. We aren’t in this for money. We always try to come up with alternatives for people who are on budgets and try to keep things affordable as it is. The donations all go to our overhead costs and we keep things just around breaking even for most of our events. However, our last few events actually came short of breaking even. This has put us in the state of re-evaluating the future of HedonSalon. It is for this reason we are appealing to you, our guests and volunteers, for helpful suggestions and feedback on this matter. Is our chosen site ok? Do you know of any other options?

If you have reflections, ideas or constructive criticism, we welcome your input. Please eMail us at hedonsalon@gmail.com


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