HedonSalon: Sexy Gatherings for Soulful People!

Continued Success!

That settles it: HedonSalon is officially a THING! -Not that it hasn’t been, but if there was any doubt regarding our presence and continuity, there sure isn’t now. HYSTERIA III was superb! In fact, things have been going so well for quite a while now that its plain to everyone involved that we are an established phenomenon. Plenty of positive feedback from our lovely guests and we also got great complements from our host site. They actually told us “We love you guys!” (Quite a contrast from a couple years ago). So, with that we proceed to plan our next gathering. The theme is already chosen, and since its going to be the Spring Equinox, we are going with the sublime theme of GODDESS! Plenty of inspiration with this theme.

Oh… and before I forget, we have had several inquiries about when we will do our next *Open Forum* Meet&Greet Munch. Well, much of that depends on YOU! The way it works is we need at least a few other couples to commit for us to announce this gathering. If you have any dates and locations in mind, get back to us and we can do this! You remember the eMail, right?  hedonsalon@gmail.com

So, great news! And more to come…

Fine and feisty FREYA

Fine and feisty FREYA

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