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GODDESS! -an Ecstatic Equinoxotic Evening!


Our last gathering, “GODDESS: An Ecstatic, Equinoxotic Eveving” was a lot of fun. It had a very sweet atmosphere, a nice Salon and just about every (if not all) birthday wishes had come true! This aspect was a success, and that’s a means a great deal to us. Unfortunately, we were disappointed that almost half of the RSVP’d guests didn’t show up. Life being the way it is, we plan for a bit of a “flake factor” for our events, but this was a huge hit. We balance things out to  break even -but we lost money at this one. Lots of it. For this reason, we will be changing how we charge for HedonSalon to a pre-pay situation. We didn’t think we’d have to do this but it is the standard for KinkySalons and the reasons have become clear. Sorry about this, but we just wanted to let those of you we love to see at our events to understand and have advance notice on this. Any feedback on this matter is most welcome. eMail is best: hedonsalon@gmail.com. OK. Rant over. Moving on… 🙂

March 21st, 2015 (Spring Equinox)

goddessworkoutgear-an Ecstatic Equinoxotic Evening!

ETAINE: Goddess of the Dark

ETAINE: Goddess of the Dark

“The Eternal Feminine Draws us heavenward.” —Goethe
“The earth is at the same time mother, She is mother of all that is natural, mother of all that is human. She is the mother of all, for contained in her are the seeds of all.”
~~ St. Hildegard of Bingen

“The Goddess of Old Europe and Ancient Crete represented the unity of life in nature, delight in the diversity of form, the powers of birth, death and regeneration.” -Professor Carol P. Christ   Fertile with meaning and possibilities, we revive and reclaim the loving, nurturing, natural and beautiful aspects of the Feminine Divine. With a sense of deep respect, reverence and revelry we lovingly enter into springtime with a sense of passion and celebration. At HedonSalon, we view happiness and joy as grace. Pleasure and play are manners of embracing the blessings of life and love as we mindfully create a space where friends and lovers can feel free to express, explore and embrace the thrill of delight.

goddessartimisdeermask -Hosted by Mystical Crystal and Supernatural SENSEI

-Dance and sway to the entrancing music of DJ 4thWay

-Luscious libations and crafted hors d’oeuvres by Curt-I -Award-winning arts and entertainment in our sensational salon: –

-Tarot divination by the ravishing rVn

-the triumphant return of HedonSalons mighty and marvelous co-founder, Ms. Syn!  -Evocative poetry by pretty poetess CZ

-Sensuous mytho-poetic paintings by Alma-bella

-Musical musing by our own luscious Legz

-Cuddle garden, Sybian steed & Goddess worship throne

-Gorgeous friends, staff and guests

-A lovely night to remember!

COSTUME IDEAS The intent and focus for this vernal equinox gathering shall be the Divine Feminine. This means both female pagan deities as well as the feminine aspects of monotheism (-in our loving sense of such things, we see them as very related). Goddesses, Orishas, angels, priestesses, nuns, amazons, valkryies, divas, mythical creatures… Our regular male guests have been asking about what they should wear. A fine choice would be as a devotee to the Divine Feminine (like a ancient Greek, Roman, Egyptian, Celt, Viking, etc.) or perhaps, if ye be so bold, in Divine Drag! -How about a slave to a special goddess you have in mind…? Creative twists on our themes are always welcome. As usual, fetish wear, lingerie, formal evening wear or nudity are always welcome.

BIRTHDAY WISHES -Each HedonSalon features a portion of the evening where any guest born under the zodiac sun signs of the particular time of year (in this case, PISCES and ARIES) may have the opportunity to reveal a birthday wish or fantasy! The rest of us shall co-conspire to GRANT YOU YOUR WISH! Please note that now, your wish must be written in proposal to us in advance (with your RSVP confirmation). This is an effort to not only tighten up the presentation, but also to strengthen the intention behind this fun and unique feature of our parties. (-for more info, look at the “About” tab)

VOLUNTEERS AND SALON PRESENTERS WANTED As always with HedonSalon, we seek YOUR talent and input! Got a sexy, entertaining talent of your own? Let us know!  That’s what this salon is about: community, unity and expression. That said, our volunteers are very much vital to the sustainability and operations of HedonSalon.  We always make sure that the duties are simple, easy and not too long. Volunteers are not expected to pay donation and they are also in a perfect position to “break the ice” -getting to know most, if not all of our guests. Apart from duties at the parties such as security, greeters, coatcheck, setup, cleanup, etc. we are also open to trade for services such as networking, webdesign, delivery, massage, pedicures, etc. Volunteer spots are limited and tend to fill quickly. If you do already know us and are interested in volunteering for this our event, contact us. hedonsalon@gmail.com (More information to come!)

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