HedonSalon: Sexy Gatherings for Soulful People!

*OPEN FORUM* date?

Hey everyone!

We’ve had a couple of our free *OpenForum* dinner gatherings and would like to keep experimenting with it. This time, we will need at least 4 other people to commit to attending before we announce a date. This literally is a _date_ -as in, we will be hanging out with the possibility of hanging out more, and maybe even more than just hanging out… you know… a DATE… We haven’t been so forward on this issue with our past *OpenForum* Meet&Greet Munches, but y’all were just so hot this last HedonSalon we thought we might as well really do this. dinner-party-clip-art-idp9lvkg Please note: *OpenForum* is _not_ the same thing as HedonSalon (please see the tab “Meet & Greet Munches”). No admission/donations, no costumes or themes, nothing like that at all. This is very informal. Its just a date. Dinner, movie, dance, maybe some romance? 😉

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