HedonSalon: Sexy Gatherings for Soulful People!

HedonSalon displaced by Valley Fire

Warm greetings, everyone. It is with heavy heart and sorrow that we must announce that HedonSalon has been put on indefinite hiatus. The devastation due to the Valley Fire has not only caused us to halt plans for the DEEP HEDONISM Weekend Retreat (a collaboration with our friends from the other KinkySalon venues) but it has taken us out of production. Unless and until another ideal setting and venue come together, we may never see HedonSalon again. Be that as it may, we are going to rejoin our friends at KinkySalon SF to help out and celebrate the amazing new venue at the legendary Oakland landmark, the Gingerbread House on Halloween Weekend (log in to the mighty MissionControl website here for more details/information). Join us for what promises to be an outrageous debut in the remarkable new home for MissionControl and KinkySalon.

The one thing we may be able to continue would be our monthly OPEN FORUM Meet&Greet Munches. This would be contingent on interest. If you are interested in attending please contact us at hedonsalon@gmail.com

We want to thank all of those who’ve joined us over the years for all the support, friendship and great times. While this does, indeed, look like an end of an era, it just might be the beginning of something surprising and new!

SENSEI and Crystal

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