HedonSalon: Sexy Gatherings for Soulful People!


What is HedonSalon?

HedonSalon is a growing community of sex-positive friends who strive to create magical evenings of sensual pleasure, experimentation and growth. After tasty morsels and a bit of mingling, the salon begins with sexy entertainment. Each of our gatherings feature hot erotica, burlesque presentations and fascinating and inspirational presentations. The salon is then followed by a fun and sensual party. The intended purpose of HedonSalon is to explore pleasure -both in theory and in practice. We strive to create a safe, supportive and fun setting that appeal to the mind, soul and senses.


Owing a great amount of gratitude to our beloved friends at Mission Control (see “Our Friends” tab) we’ve taken inspiration from their fabulous KinkySalon events. As with KinkySalon, our focus is on the Salon; that most enjoyable format of gatherings that literally revolutionized society and culture. This ongoing version of the Salon features a titillating, tantalizing twist: Ours is an expression and exploration of pleasure, which has proven to be the most enduring, driving. and pleasing motivation in human consciousness. This gathering also functions as a fundraiser for a local writers workshop/retreat. As such, our themes are usually based on works or movements in literature. Our Salons are an opportunity to share experiences and adventure with others of creative and open propensities and to experience joy within the context of play (-just because we’ve “grown up” doesn’t mean we can’t have fun!)

Perhaps the two most important elements to our gatherings are CosPlay and the Salon.  Much can be said of both. If you wish to take a look at more information, Wikipedia actually has pretty good entries on both subjects.                                                          http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cosplay               http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Salon_(gathering)



Aligned with our intended purpose of exploring pleasure, our gatherings also carry the benefit of bringing together a network and community of polyamorous/non-monogamous/alternative couples, triads, groups and individuals. Connection with one another is our greatest, essential resource. From this base, this collective connection, we may come to know joy, peace and pleasure with one another. This experiential download transfers naturally into other aspects in our consciousness and can serve as a catalyst for transformation in our own lives, relationships and our perspectives; all while simply having FUN!

Please note: We are a culturally diverse, inclusive and open community. We are welcoming to Persons of Color and LGBTQ people to our events. We do not welcome homophobia, racism, sexism, misogyny, ageism, able-ism, or other non-inclusive bigotry. This said, we are confident that your boundaries and preferences will be respected and honored. Compassion and loving-kindness guide our hearts at HedonSalon. 


An added (and intimate) feature of our Salons are the fact that we also celebrate the birthdays of our guests in a unique and intruging manner. Guests who are celebrating their birthdays under the current zodiac sign will have the opportunity to voice a fantasy or sexy wish. Other guests who want to participate may co-conspire to grant these wishes, which can be just as fun as receiving your wish!.  The fun and sexy possibilities are abundant!


Our parties have declared themes, usually literary in nature with an erotic twist. Past themes have included THE NIGHTS OF SHARAZADE (Arabian Nights), LUST LAB: Experiments In Pleasure, SPRING SWING: Shagadellic Sexational 70′s, and HOGWARTS CLASS REUNION. HYSTERIA: a Victorian/Steampunk Clinic was so popular we had to do it twices. SACRILEGE: a SuperSexy Synful Soiree! SUPERSEXY! (super-erotic superheroes and villains), MADMEN/BADWOMEN, and our last party theme GOTHIQUE was a delightful success (see the “home” tab)

Each guest is expected to be a part of the show and attend in costume and in character. Theme attire is preferred, but lingerie, fetish wear, or nudity will be acceptable (no street clothes please). All play must be safe, sane and consensual.


We don’t call this a “sex party” -as our intention isn’t just about sex, but rather we see this as a party for adults who enjoy adult company and entertainment. Being sex-positive, we encourage erotic interplay and try to keep an atmosphere open to sexy possiblities, but we also strive to create a gathering that is comfy, safe and fun for people who aren’t necessarily interested in connecting sexually.

It might be more accurate to call HedonSalon a SEXY party. Yeah. That works…

We want to reiterate (because it’s important) that we are a culturally diverse and LGBTQ friendly community. While we love humor (even if it’s a bit off-color) we must also note that we do not condone actual racism, misogyny, homophobia or any other form of bigotry. In other words: we do not tolerate intolerance. Our friends are of many different walks of life and we wish to create a space that is safe and fun for each of them.

Our parties feature a friendly staff of volunteers, hosts and security. We are no opponents to moderation, but we do not condone nor allow excessive intoxication at our events. Thank you.


Historically, masquarades were gatherings where people could gather and play without worry of being recognized or judged. Anonymity afforded guests a freedom they would otherwise not have. We carry on this tradition as costumery not only provides a means to conceal ones identity, but also to step into another identity entirely.


Because of the nature of these celebrations, we expect a great measure of discretion and confidentiality in our community. We ask that anyone attending not tell anyone else what, or, especially, whom they’ve seen at any of our gatherings. This is one of the reasons we have such an extensive screening process. For this same reason we do not allow cameras or other recording devices -unless you are one of the hosts or professional photographers we’ve invited, who have agreed on confidentiality and to NOT take photos of anyone unless it is with their explicit permission.

Also, remember that this is a costume party. You may opt to obscure your identity. Face masks, while not necessary, are always fine and acceptable.


To protect the privacy and discretion of our guests, the exact location of the venue is undisclosed until we’ve onfirmed your RSVP.  We can tell you upfront that it takes place at one of several comfy, cozy, clean and accessible sites in Middletown, south Lake County, not far from Calistoga/Napa Wine Country, just two hours from either San Francisco or Sacramento, and close the local clothing-optional hot springs retreat. Staying overnight is encouraged (esp. if you get tired or inebriated).

If you have attended our events in the past, please note that we may not have each event at the same place. Be sure to get a good look at your RSVP reply. We may change to another nearby venue especially  if we have more RSVPs than expected. Join us for brunch and a soak at the hot springs the next morning!

contact us at hedonsalon@gmail.com

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