HedonSalon: Sexy Gatherings for Soulful People!

Meet & Greet Munches

the organizers of HedonSalon co-host a fun, informal gathering we like to discreetly call the *Open Forum* Meet & Greet Munch. We are currently perimenting with different locations and formats.

All we need is another couple to commit to a date with and we will be happy to announce and invite others.

Because of our proximity to the Hot Springs, we are always happy to host there but we can be flexible about location. We are usually joined by 6 to 14 others. If you happen to be coming to the Hot Springs, don’t hesitate to let us connect!       hedonsalon@gmail.com

Attending this Meet & Greet Munch does not cost anything in and of itself (other than what you choose to gnosh on), but getting into Hot Springs is subject to admission fees (but is it ever worth it!).

If you can’t make it this time, keep checking back for new information!

“Meet n Greet” is the term borrowed from the swing lifestyle for gatherings where others of similar interests connect to get to know one another without the pressure or expectations of a play-party or intimate date. “Munches” is a similar concept, originally coined by the BDSM community for the informal dates when kinksters casually meet in a public, pressure free environment. The term has been adopted by other communities of alternative sexualites.

We combine these two aspects, opening things up to people of the polyamory, open, non-monogamy, swinger, queer and kink communities. Even though the purpose is primarily social, it is our conviction that people with alternative lovestyles and preferences can not only find others of our own sort at these gatherings, but also find encouragement, inspiration and information in our collective support of one another.

It is also the perfect opportunity for new explorers to check things out in a safe and supportive environment. Because it is in a public place there’s no worries or pressure and attendees tend to be friendly and happy to answer any questions you might have. Casual attire is desired. Fetishwear or otherwise provocative clothing is NOT encouraged, as we are gathering discreetly in a public establishment.

Our Meet & Greet Munches are in typically in Middletown, not far from Calistoga/Napa wine valley and very close to the Hot Springs.

Couples are especially encouraged to attend the Meet & Greet Munch. We typically share dinner together then gather at a nearby club for drink and dance. On select nights we may even join one another for an impromptu party or for a sexy soak at the hot springs.

Location and times subject to change. Contact us for details.