HedonSalon: Sexy Gatherings for Soulful People!

Volunteers & Presenters

Volunteers are vital to the sustainability and operations of HedonSalon.  We always make sure that the duties are simple, easy and not too long.

Volunteers are not expected to pay donation and they are also in a perfect position to “break the ice” -getting to know most, if not all of our guests. Regular volunteers also have the opportunity to co-host future events.

Typically, we choose people we already know and trust for volunteers. The best way to get to know us is to attend a HedonSalon for the regular donation. This will allow you to not only get to know us, but it will also give you a good idea of what our event is about. Another way to get to know us is to attend one of the LAKE COUNTY BOUNTY Meet & Greet Munches. (Take a look at the “Meet & Greet Munches” page tab above to learn more)

Performing and presenting in the salon is considered a form of volunteering. The salon is our central focus, providing not just entertainment, but information and inspiration.

Apart from duties at the parties such as security, greeters, coatcheck, setup, cleanup, etc. we are also open to trade for services such as networking, webdesign, delivery, massage, pedicures, etc.

Volunteer spots are limited and tend to fill quickly. If you do already know us and are interested in volunteering for one of our events, contact us. hedonsalon@gmail.com

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