HedonSalon: Sexy Gatherings for Soulful People!

Wish List

While we don’t set ourselves up to be dependent upon the generosity of others, HedonSalon goes much more smoothly when people help out. How does that saying go? You have to ask in order to receive, so we are putting it out there to the Multiverse! Here is a list of items and services we hope to procure.

-World peace and an end to poverty (always a good note to start with)

-Web and graphic design (isn’t it obvious?)

-Alternate sites for our events (this can include estates, homes, retreat centers, palaces, castles, undersea kingdoms and extraterrestrial spacestations)

-Massage lotions, table(s) and therapists

-Multimedia/AV assistance and equipment

-Safer sex supplies

-Reciprocal relations with other events and clubs

-Casual catering

-Burlseque and erotic entertainers

-DJ’s and musicians

-Professional photography

-Positive feedback

-Good friends

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